Labour Hire

Labour Hire

Gibbons Recruitment employs skilled workers and contracts them to its clients for an agreed hourly fee to meet the changing needs of their business for a specified period of time. Gibbons Recruitment is responsible for all recruitment, contract of employment, work permit or visa (if required), PAYE / PRSI, holiday pay and administration.

Ideal for seasonal peaks in workload or meeting a deadline for project completion. Clients may then request to hold the operators for another period or offer them a permanent position. In this case a predetermined recruitment fee is charged. Gibbons Recruitment knows that speed of response is critical and delivers within the timeframe its clients demand.

There are a number of pre-employment procedures our candidates must go through in order to be put forward for a position. Before we refer any staff member to our clients, we interview each individual candidate personally to make sure they have the relevant skills and qualifications, personality and attributes required for each position.

  • Each application received is carefully reviewed
  • Applicants are phone screened by us and then interviewed face to face
  • Every candidate’s skills, experience and qualifications are recorded in our database
  • Each applicant is referenced from previous employment

Time Sheet PDF

The time sheet is used by the hirer to record all hours worked by each Temporary Staff Member. Time sheets must be signed and returned weekly.

Click here to download a copy of our Time Sheet.